jason schroder

Jason Schroder has been the owner and operator of Incognito Tattoo Co. since 1993.
His efforts have been featured in several publications including JUXTAPOZ TATTOO , Skin Deep U.K. and several others over the years. Jason prefers classical themes for tattoo , pulling heavily from the japanese UKIYO-E and IREZUMI traditions of Japan as well as the Western Classical and Victorian era of tattooers who created a foundation for modern tattooing.

Over the last two years he has been exploring black and grey “engraving” or “scrimshaw” style of tattooing using only black and a variety of line weights to create shading, texture and depth.

Jason works by appointment only. His rate is 180 dollars an hour with a $200 minimum

Contact Jason Schroder directly: schroderator@gmail.com.