store policy

Thank you for your interest in my hand crafted tattoo machines.  I have been building tattoo machines in my shop Incognito Tattoo, in lovely Pasadena California for over 10 years.  I craft all of my machines one at a time, it’s just me, in my shop building machines in between tattoos. I try and tattoo with most of the machines that I sell, I really want to know that they are going to do what they are made for.

All of my machines are done by hand, there will be small differences from machine to machine, different hardware, coils, contact screws etc…  Sometimes there will be small pieces of paper under the coils or spring-shelf, we try to ensure the tightest tolerances, but sometimes creative shimming is needed. LEAVE THOSE SHIMS ALONE, I put them there to ensure proper alignment of the machine.

I do not build my machines with o-rings; please do not add them onto the machine, it makes them run with more volts and does nothing to add to the general working aspects of the machine.

I stand behind all of my machines. I will take care of whatever problems you have. If it breaks a spring send it back, it will cost you $5 plus shipping, I would rather retune it and re-spring it myself. Rollo told me when I bought a machine form him years ago “Don’t go home and start fucking with this thing, you will rub all the magic off it!” That statement has a lot of wisdom in it. Tattoo machines do have magic, there are so many little variances to make them do just what you want.  I digress, I will add “extra magic” if requested. That said, I guarantee all of my machines unless significantly altered. If the machine looks like it was run over by a bus, or left at the bottom of the fish tank the warranty is void. Also, if you start taking the little sucker apart to just poke around, the warranty is void. A broken spring or new contact screw is fine, but if the coils come off it’s not a free fix. I will, for a fee, go back through and rebuild the machine.

If you have questions about rebuilds on old machines or about me rebuild other folks stuff just drop me a line and we can chat about it.


Jason Schroder