Tattoo Machines

Jason Schroder has been crafting tattoo machines for over 10 years. Jason began his tattoo machine odyssey when he was just an apprentice; his teacher gave him an old Robert Benedetti frame and told him to “make it work”. Jason made it work, and thus sparking his fascination with the tools of our trade.
Several years ago, Greg Rojas an old friend and fellow machine builder had an over run on some machine parts that Jason bought the surplus of and started with a hacksaw and old drill press. Those first machines were pretty rough but they had a certain feel to them that was well appreciated by some of the best tattoo artists of the time. Jason did a small run of brass machines with the help of Seth Cifferi, Seth was a great help and introduced Jason to a long time friend and collaborator Dirk Van Vorst. Dirk has been a huge influence on Jason’s work. Dirk did the machining on the first batch of brass frames and has been Jason’s compatriot ever since.
Jason’s machines are still made one a time in back room of Incognito Tattoo in sunny Los Angeles California. Stop by and say hello.